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深耕中国市场,博斯特中国4.0 战略借力Print China 2019 开启新篇章

2019-04-25 11:45 来源:中国包装信息网 责编:温淼

2019年4月9-13日,世界领先的印刷技术展览会之一的Print China 2019在中国东莞隆重举行,博斯特在此次展会上展示了多种旨在助力包装印刷企业提高生产效率和产品品质的创新技术。其中包括两款业内领先的糊盒机——FULONG III 50 A1和MEILONG III 110 A2,两款最受欢迎的模切机——SP 106 E和SP 106 ER,以及一系列帮助客户更进一步提升生产力的外围设备。

  2019年4月9-13日,世界领先的印刷技术展览会之一的Print China 2019在中国东莞隆重举行,博斯特在此次展会上展示了多种旨在助力包装印刷企业提高生产效率和产品品质的创新技术。其中包括两款业内领先的糊盒机——FULONG III 50 A1和MEILONG III 110 A2,两款最受欢迎的模切机——SP 106 E和SP 106 ER,以及一系列帮助客户更进一步提升生产力的外围设备。

  Print China 2019 took place from April 9th to 13th in Dongguan city, China. As one of the largest exhibitors in this world-leading printing technology exhibition, BOBST showcased some of its principal innovations aimed at boosting productivity. This included two of BOBST’s leading folder-gluers, FULONG III 50 A1 and MEILONG III 110 A2, and two of its most popular die-cutters, SP 106 E and SP 106 ER. Also on show were an impressive range of peripherals and devices, capable of increasing productivity even further.

  众所周知,2018年3月15日,博斯特中国推出了一项全新的 “博斯特中国4.0战略”。“这个战略致力于为充满活力和激烈竞争的中国市场提供量身定制的解决方案,以博斯特中国独特的专业技术将帮助客户实现其在中国及其他地区的目标。” 博斯特(上海)有限公司总经理鲁希瑞介绍道,“我们提出‘协同发展,追求卓越’两大承诺,从本质上讲,这意味着我们的客户将获得最优质的瑞士品质技术,并提供本地化生产和本地化的客户支持服务。”

  BOBST China launched its new China 4.0 strategy in 2018.”Committing to delivering tailored solutions for the dynamic and highly competitive Chinese market, BOBST China’s unique know-how and technology will help clients reach their goals in China and beyond,” said Mr. Cyril Ruiz-Moise, the General Manager of BOBST Shanghai. “We launched the initiative ‘Proximity and Performance’ last year. Essentially it means that our clients are guaranteed the very best in Swiss-quality technology, with local production and a localized customer support service to match.”

  “为进一步便捷参观者,我们此次在展位上设置了7个参观站点,分别是博斯特中国4.0战略展示墙、富龙系列糊盒生产线、美龙系列糊盒生产线、SP 106 ER模切机、全新的SP 106 E模切机、服务专区和合作伙伴专区,”博斯特亚太区市场及沟通负责人张薇介绍说,“通过这7个站点,参观者能够更详细地了解到博斯特的全新战略、产品、服务,以及强大的合作伙伴。”

  “For the convenience of visitors, we set up 7 stations at the booth: one for the BOBST China 4.0 strategy, one for each of the four exhibited machines, as well as a Services area and a Partners area,” said Ms. Sophia Hooper, the Regional Marketing and Communication Manager Leader, "Through these 7 stations, visitors could learn more about our new strategy, our products, services and the strong partners of BOBST Shanghai."


  The machines and technology on show at the exhibition, along with BOBST’s world-leading automation and high productivity, reflected BOBST’s deep commitment to the Chinese market and impressed all visitors to BOBST booth. The focus was on the four machines which were live on show:

  FULONG III 50 A1,这种极其高效而紧凑的糊盒机,帮助客户拓宽了产品范围,并提供始终如一的高端品质和惊人的生产力,该设备在现场生产速度达到350米/分钟,与EASYFEEDER / BATCH INVERTER 4和CARTONPACK 4联线生产,形成了高性能的糊盒生产线;

  FULONG III 50 A1, an extremely efficient and compact folder-gluer. The modular all-rounder helps customers to diversify their product range. Versatile and stable, this user-friendly folder-gluer delivers consistent high-end quality and amazing productivity. During the exhibition, this highly competitive folder-gluer ran up to 350 m/min and was combined with EASYFEEDER/BATCH INVERTER 4 & CARTONPACK 4, forming a high-performance folding-gluing line.

  MEILONG III 110 A2,这种用途极为广泛的全自动多功能糊盒机,帮助客户使用各种材料生产出各种各样且数量惊人的纸盒产品。该设备在现场生产速度达到450米/分钟,配备了SPEEDWAVE 2,帮助客户节省时间的同时实现了卓越的折叠品质,另外还大大提高了生产效率。结构紧凑,使用方便,且界面友好的COLLECTING TABLE有效地帮助客户高效包装成品纸盒;

  MEILONG III 110 A2. This amazingly versatile folder-gluer can produce a large number of box styles in a wide range of materials. Known for its superb productivity – running at speeds up to 450 m/min during the exhibition - it was equipped with SPEEDWAVE 2, the patented no-hooks device for running crash-lock boxes at maximum speed with the greatest precision. The efficient packing of the finished boxes was made possible with COLLECTING TABLE, the compact and user-friendly semi-automatic packer.

  SP 106 ER和全新的SP 106 E模切机大幅提升了客户加工纸盒过程中的产品质量和生产率。高度自动化并配备先进的HMI SPERE,提供了简单的设置、快速换单,最大限度地延长了设备正常运行的时间。博斯特的专利技术,如Autoplaten和Centerline,保证了完美的模切和清废效果,甚至可以满足最苛刻的客户需求。现场所展示的SP 106 ER还配备了巧妙的取样装置和自动纸堆转移(ATP)系统,实现了成品物流的完全自动化。

  SP 106 ER and the new SP 106 E improved both quality and productivity throughout the entire carton conversion operation. Highly automated and equipped with the advanced HMI SPHERE, they provided easy set-up, fast changeovers and therefore maximum uptime. BOBST technologies such as Autoplaten? and Centerline? can guarantee perfect die-cutting and stripping results, which can convince even the most demanding clients. The blanking die-cutter SP 106 ER was equipped with the Automatic Pile Transfer (APT) system, which allowed the complete automation of the material logistics. Visitors could also discover live the ingenious SAMPLING DEVICE, which supports the zero-fault packaging by allowing individual sheets to be extracted without stopping the production.


  For Intelligent, Connected Services, are a very strategic need for our clients. It is a natural evolution of the digitalization of the economy that takes so many forms and touches businesses in so many ways. BOBST offered a lot of solutions in that direction: Helpline Plus-offers remote assistance that will save huge amounts of money and time for our clients, as issues can be analyzed and diagnosed remotely;Downtime Tracking-the App that gives easy access to machine stoppage root causes.With reports and alerts our customers can use Downtime Tracking to improve production;The Remote Monitoring App is made for decision makers and it  is a comprehensive production reporting tool designed to quickly access detailed machine production, process and technical data.

  4月9日晚间,“博斯特中国广印展4.0 晚宴”隆重举行,包装印刷行业数百位精英齐聚一堂。博斯特向来宾们进一步分享了其2018年实施新战略以来的成果和2019年新的计划,强调公司将不断适应中国市场新的需求,以最佳的价值、产品和服务,进一步加强其作为行业技术潮流引领者的地位,”协同发展,追求卓越”。

  On the evening of April 9th, the BOBST China 4.0 dinner was held. BOBST shared with the guests the achievements of the new strategy in 2018 and the new plans for 2019, emphasizing that BOBST would constantly adapt to the new demands of the Chinese market. This means further strengthening the leading innovation position with the best value, products and services, as well as pursuing the initiative “Proximity and Performance”.


  “我们很高兴在为期五天的Print China 2019上和来自全球的博斯特的客户们更详细地讨论了这些问题。数百家企业对我们现场所展示的模切与糊盒方面的解决方案表现出了浓厚的兴趣,现场所取得的订单为博斯特中国4.0战略在中国的进一步拓展奠定了扎实的基础。” 博斯特(上海)有限公司销售总监黄进平说道。

  “We are very excited that we have discussed this in more detail with attendees from all over the world in the past five days of Print China 2019. Hundreds of companies have shown great interest in BOBST die-cutting and folder-gluing solutions, and the orders we received during the exhibition have laid a solid foundation for the further expansion of the BOBST China 4.0 strategy in the country.” said Mr. Wilson Huang, the Sales Director of BOBST Shanghai.

  除了在现场展示全球领先的印后加工设备与服务产品,博斯特还在在现场展示了数十款由博斯特的设备加工而成的包装产品。“这充分表明在‘博斯特中国4.0战略’的指导下,我们比以往任何时候都更加关注客户的需求,以及他们正在做些什么,真正做到以客户为中心。我们可以很自豪地看到,我们的设备可以帮助客户创造性地开发广泛的应用产品包装。此外,伙伴关系也是我们非常重视的,所以我们与亚太地区的客户开发了伙伴关系项目。” 博斯特亚太区市场及沟通负责人张薇说道。

  Also displayed were dozens of products converted by BOBST machines, which fully demonstrated the company’s aim to be fully customer-centered. “Under the BOBST China 4.0 strategy, we are more focused than ever on our customers and on what they do. BOBST is proud to see what our machine can help our customers to be creative and develop a wide range of applications for product packaging. Partnership is also something that we value very much and we developed a partnership program with local customers,” said Ms.Sophia Hooper, the Regional Marketing and Communications Leader.

  自进入2019年以来,以“博斯特中国4.0战略”为基石,博斯特上海进一步走进客户,深耕市场。谨遵“协同发展”和“追求卓越”的两大承诺,“博斯特中国4.0战略”进一步得到了贯彻与实施,如:更多适合中国市场的本地化的技术创新与产品研发;更多适合中国客户的全新机型、解决方案、创新服务产品等。除此之外,博斯特还在继续拓展合作伙伴,并将和兴作为博斯特 首选的Tooling解决方案供应商,Print China 2019期间组织客户们参观了和兴的工厂,以此进一步证明了他们的技术与产品的优势。


  Since the beginning of 2019 and due to the new strategy, Bobst Shanghai has reached out to more customers and extended its presence on the Chinese market. In line with the two commitments of Proximity and Performance, BOBST China further implemented more localized technological innovation, product development, new machines, solutions and innovative services for Chinese customers. In addition, BOBST continued to develop a network of partners and showcased Wohing as its preferred local tooling solution for China. A visit to their new plant was organized during Print China 2019 to explain on site the advantages of the partnership.


  BOBST also announced the opening of its first competence center in Guangzhou, South China. BOBST will have more sales people and more technicians available for this very dynamic region. The competence center will also have a die-cutter running with Wohing tooling and will be able to provide training for client operators. “We do hope that our clients will enjoy an increased Proximity with BOBST and manage their performance in an optimum way for their greatest success.” said Mr. Cyril Ruiz-Moise.

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